Sunday, June 24, 2007

Peek at Beloved Dreamer

The third poet to be highlighted in our Introduction Series is Beloved Dreamer

When not writing poetry she also draws a variety of subjects- Nature, Landscapes and People. Her poems take the images she sees and makes them into word pictures. She attended The High School of Music and Art, The Art Students League and graduated with a BFA from St John's University.

The Worn Stone

Fresh flowers lay before a worn gray stone
lilacs, I knew that you had loved them once long ago.
And ivy too had gently told of times passing,
slowly covering the grayness.
The name and the date you left us.

I plan every spring to bring them again.
And in their sweet,sweet smell
I see your haunting smile.

Colors of brilliant purple and pink come back again each spring.
And make his silent home a happy place

We once joyfully picked them together.
Fragrant delicate flowers to grace our hair.
But that was before the snows of winter took you else where.

So with each spring, I try to bring you back.
To once more hold you close and see this cold world though your gentle gray eyes.

Thanks to Beloved Dreamer for sharing her work and for making PWB a better site.

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Jessica Schneider said...

I have linked to you.

crimsonflaw said...

the feeling is made more beautiful still in the language of flowers.

I like the way it stays indefinite.
welcome to the poetswhoblog Beloved Dreamer.