Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Peek at Crimsonflaw

This is the first poet featured in our new Introduction Series.


truth can not hurt me
the sin has become vague now
and the tale obscure
doubts have left temptation
as would silence a beating heart
the idle state has left its mark on me
mid air infects my wings with its nothingness
the glide holds open a door to my weightlessness
sometimes I think the ledge is a wafer
and what I am holding on to just a notion of a facade
to keep the inner darkness in place
the fall is a gift of nuance
my cramps are scavengers to
my imperceptible shiver
my stillness ties my contorted face
into highways of unutterable gloom
and my countenance tethers itself to the crevice
with a secret wrinkle
rain dies to become my blood
snow softens a mystery for me
my heart is staired somewhere in
this anonymous structure
and the footsteps fall ever so nearer
I am a lie....

copyright shakir hasnain

Posted by crimsonflaw

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1 comment:

Rax said...

shakir weaves darkness and sorrow with a mastery that makes it all the more beautiful and moving. darkness is not something to be afraid of, its something that needs to be looked at and only then can we start searching for light. one of my fave blogger-poets. i do recommend his work.