Monday, January 08, 2007

How to Join

PWB is happy to exchange links with fellow bloggers.

In order to be placed on our blogroll, first link to us. Then send an email to with information on your blog and soon we will link back.

Blogs that are primarily poetry will be placed in the Poetry Blogs section of our blogroll. Blogs that have poems and other content will be under Poetry and Life. All other sites are listed under Supporters of PWB.

The only section of our blogroll where link reciprocation is not required is titled Poetry Resources.

Your Blog Manager,



Deepa said...

I have emailed to the address provided requesting to be included at PWB.
I am not sure if it reached you.
I pen at Appreciating Poetry

thank you,

writerwoman said...

Thank you for joining PWB. I added you today.

Blog Manager,


angel on earth said...

I write poetry...and just started off as a blogger at
Do go through...and I hope to be added too...
PS-i am sending you a mail too..
with thanks,
Angel on earth

Khaled KEM said...

Dear writerwoman,

I just sent an email asking to join your wonderful blog.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful resource for poets to connect with each other. I've learned that though writing is a solitary endeavor, we require like minds to help us flesh out our ideas and inspire new ones.

I've requested to be added to the site.

Tel said...

Hi, Sara,

I've sent several requests to be added to PWB's blogroll. I've also added PWB to my blogroll at I have never heard a response, though, and it's been probably a month.



George said...

Is there a way that I could be added to your site, I would be deeply appreciated...

You may find me at (The LostNight Scribblings)

Thank you...

Ed Warner said...

I added you on my blog.
I've sent you the e-mail too.

Keith said...

Hi, I've added a link on my blog and would appreciate joining the throng. E-mail winging its way on the ether. My blog:

Lawrence Gladeview said...

pwb- i linked to you a few days ago and emailed as well and haven't heard from you. i post at thanks and keep your glass full, dig what your doin-lawrence gladeview

donna said...

Hello...I have added the link on my blog and am grateful to join here...I sent an email....I am at


Monda said...

I just ran across this site and it seems we share a lot of poets! My site would be more of a poetry resource, but I'd be thrilled to link to Poets Who Blog.

Warming up for National Poetry Month...

Easystreet Prompts

Anonymous said...

Hi there.

I've emailed you requesting to be added to your blogroll.

My blog is at

Not sure if you've received my email.

Jamie said...

I sent an email in April and have linked to you since then. Hope you're still adding to your blogroll. :)

I write at Tomorrowville

Anonymous said...


This is a great site. I sent an email recently with my blog link, and I have a link on my blog back to you. I haven't seen my blog listed yet, and am hoping it will be when you get a chance.

David Moolten

mysticdave said...

I just stumbled across your site, and would love to be added to your poetry blogroll. I am a fellow poet blogger, and i have a lot of my own original poetry on my blog, and i am interested in reading and learning from other poet bloggers :)

7thour said...

Hi Sara,

I stumbled upon your blog and I would like to be
included to your blogroll. I've already linked PWB.

I tried to e-mail, but keep getting a mail delivery failure.

Look forward to be included!

Greets, Wesley.

Out of Orbit said...

Hi Sara,

I have
your blog
to my recommended
how about you add: Nihilistic Poetry
to yours,
and we're good to



Carrie Burtt said...

Hi Sara,
I added a link to my blog,and sent a e-mail out with my link, but it keeps saying mail delivery error. I have done it twice and am certain it is correct e-mail address. Hoping to get on blog roll somehow. :-)
Thank you.

Robb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert Lloyd said...

If you are interested in joining an active poetry community that has been created to support poetry bloggers from all over please check out Poets United. Poets United can be found at It is a newly formed Poetry Blogroll and community created to take the place of many defunct blogrolls and poetry groups. It is our goal to remain active and be a great connection for Poets who blog. We welcome all those that suffer from a desire to write.
“To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.” ~Robert Frost

Sharp Noir said...

Dear Writerwoman,

I dig your work here. I've linked you to my wall - check it out! please link me on PWB.

Speak Easy,


JZKnowles-Smith said...

Hi Sara,
You're linked to my blog at:

Would be grateful if you could please link me back, if you're still adding people.

Many thanks,

Lila Wind said...


This blog is amazing, I absolutely love it! I really wanted to join but unfortunately my email isn't going through but I linked you on my blog and I'm hoping I can still join?


karuna said...

Is this blog still active?

CC said...

i emailed to the adress but it keeps throwing up a delivery failure message.

i write my poetry at:

i would appreciate it if you checked it out

kind reguards,

Omid Mousaei said...

Just sent you an email to join your blog. Please let me know if you receive it.

Wero said...

I just linked you, hoe to hear back soon from you

Psychosis Poetry said...


Please can you link to my blog here below:

The blog is dedicated to poetry about mental illness. We hope you like the content.
We have already added a link to PWB already.

Psychosis Poetry.

Syreeta_ said...

Hey Sara!
What's up? I'm Syreeta and I'm requesting that I have my blog:, added to your blogroll. I'm young, so the blog contains content that usually appeals to younger readers (teenage to young adult), and it contains mostly poetry, but also updates about my odd little life as well as comedy sketches, pictures and v-logs. I've already linked to you're site, and it can be found underneath a side column on my blog titled: "Blogs That Exude FACE-MELTING DOPE-TI-TUDE!".

Here's to hoping to be a part of the "Poets Who Blog" family,
Syreeta Briggs

Annette_M said...

Hi there,

I just sent through an email but for some reason it came back as a failed mail delivery?!

I'd love to be added to your site, and if you can please add my blog details, as follows:
Create, Live, Be:

Much appreciated,

Annette :)

Michéle Louise Beck said...


The same happened with me, i couldn't send you an email.

Please add my blog

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

Congratulations on your great blog. I've emailed you my site information and linked to it at My website is named Poems and Poetry. Description: Original poems for contemporary poetry enthusiasts. URL:



Noel J Hadley said...

Hello Poets Who Blog,

I sent an e-mail but I don't believe its going through. Here's my original message.

My name is Noel J. Hadley, and I'm a poet from Long Beach, California. I have a blog called ETIQUETTE, which primarily features my poetry, but in the past I have added reviews of books, music, movies and such alongside topical essays. I've published several books of poetry.

Here's a link:

You'll find that I linked Poets Who Blog down in the bottom right hand corner. I'm in the process now of linking to different websites, and would love to be a part of your online registry. Thanks!

Anand S Unni said...
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Anand S Unni said...

Hi poetswhoblog,

Im Anand. I have already joined the blog site that you run and wish for my site to be included in your blogroll. But the email just doesnt go. It fails every single time. The link to my blog, 'The Chimes of A Forgotten Melody' is:

Thanks for your consideration,

Anand S Unni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anand S Unni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Todd said...

hi Sara, I linked to your site, and also joined this site through Google
I blog at and would love to be listed on your site – I have posted 200+ poems and a few short prose pieces, with more coming – let me know if this comes though,