Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A New “Word” in Columbus, OH Poetry


Columbus, OH – March 29, 2009 – Central Ohio poet Nicole Nicholson has
released a new “word”.

word. is Nicole Nicholson’s second poetry chapbook, and is the first
in a series of mini-chapbooks to be released in 2009. This collection
contains Nicholson’s latest works in which a unique voice can be seen
emerging, breaking away from traditional forms and embracing spoken
word influences.

“I think word. is more representative of my heart, soul, and style —
or the voices that I hear in my head when I write,” says Nicholson.

Nicholson has been performing material from word. at open mics and
other recent performances, including the February and March 2009
editions of Poetry Super Highway’s Worldwide Open Reading. She
performed "Fables" during March’s broadcast and "Off" during February’s broadcast.

word. was produced in a very small run — only 20 copies — and is
available ONLINE ONLY. No reprint is planned once copies are sold out.

To purchase word. or for more information, please visit:Raven's Wing Press

Nicole Nicholson
Raven's Wing Poetry

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