Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 14 of NPM, 2009

I'm happy you decided to stop in today to check out our latest poet featured this month in our Celebration of Words for National Poetry Month.

Today I ask you to travel through the blogosphere to Poetic Endeavors to read the work of a poet who goes by the moniker "Just Someone".

Click here to read Indenture.

Just Someone is a aspiring part time poet, who absolutely loves rhymes, which are collected in 'Poetic Endeavors' and currently is an enthusiastic participant of NaPoWriMo 09.

1 comment:

Poetmeister said...

I found this poem to be one of wisdom and truth; a pleasure to read!

Many thanks to you, Sara, for presenting the opportunity for your readers to learn of new poets and talent through your time and efforts here on our behalf!

You are wonderful! \o/