Wednesday, December 19, 2007

As we reflect upon the last year gone by, as this one comes to its end, it is a good time to count our blessings for not all people in this world are safe and warm and with their loved ones tonight.

In the poem Daydreamer offers for our sixth day of Poetry, he remembers those who have sacrificed their own time, desires,and safety for the sake of thier compatriots.

Even far from home, and far from safe, may they find some moments of peace during this season of joy. Please click here to read This Christmas Day by Daydreamer, and leave a comment telling the poet what you think.


Sandy Carlson said...

I am here via Jodi Barone's blog. I like your site very much and will link it to my own.
Writing in Faith

writerwoman said...

Welcome to Poets Who Blog, Sandy.