Wednesday, December 12, 2007


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S. Thomas Summers said...

i am having trouble posting to some of my blog mates. their comment area won't allow me to comment. advice?

writerwoman said...

Some blogs only allow other bloggers to comment. Have you been able to make comments on those before?

I left comments for everyone last night without having a problem.

Though Blogger is giving me trouble these last few days. It has stopped sending me emails to tell me when comments are left here at Poets Who Blog.

Ario said...

Scott and Sara,

Blogspot (which is Google's blog platform) has recently changed the comment settings in their blogs which in some cases makes it impossible for non-blogspot bloggers to comment and/or leave an url to their own website.

I've been faffing about with my other blog (which is blogspot) and it's possible to change those settings, but it's a bit complicated. Sara, if you're interested you could change the comment settings here, allowing non-blogspot users to comment here and leaving their url again. I think considering the nature of Poets Who Blog that would be worth considering otherwise how else are we to find new blogs if we can't click on the links provided by their comments here?

Scott, if you have had problems on my blog let me know. My spam filter can be a bit overly enthusiastic at times...:(

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Non- blogspot people can leave comments here. I will look into the settings and see if I can find a way for them to be able to leave their URL with their name.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I couldn't find a way to get blogger to allow non-blogger comments to be linked. So I added this widget.


Wedlock said...

Thanks for the chance to share each others words

Loudlife said...

Hi there -

I'm a member of the Artists and Poets blog and stopped by today to check you out. I write poetry that I occasionally illustrate with art and sometimes for fun I put out a call for Haiku dedicated to the art of mixed media/altered art. I'm nervous that I may not be serious enough about poetry to be included on your blogroll as my blog is mostly about visual art and my life. To see a sample of a poem I've written, please see my flickr page:
I'm so happy to see another blog that is holding up poetry as something worth admiring and worth sharing. Thank you.


Ario said...


You're ace :)

writerwoman said...


Hi, thanks for stopping by. We link to blogs that are not primarily poetry on our blogroll under the title Linked to Us.

Let me know if you want to exchange links.

The stuff on your flickr page was really intersting. I like how the atrwork is enchanced by the words, and the words are brought to life by the art.


Scott Clawson said...

Thanks for the auto link thingy! Take care.


Indran Amirthanayagam said...

I am delighted to know of this site. I have been posting poems at I would love to speak with other poets about poems, the craft, and beyond. A new book The Splintered Face:Tsunami Poems is just being published by Hanging Loose Press. cheers. Indran

PATERIKA HENGREAVES, Poet Laureate said...

I stumbled on this site while surfing the web. I would like to sign up for this group. I would like to share my poem, "Ode to the Buckeye Tree"