Monday, July 23, 2007

Peek at Soham Das

The next poet kind enough to take part in our Introduction Series is Soham Das.

The poem below is but taste of what you will find at The Soul and The Witness. Please drop by there and dive deeper into this poet's lovely and lyrical work.

The Chronicler

I am not a story writer…
I am a chronicler of human deeds…
Got no soul to burn,
nor any minds to feed
I see pain as you should see them,
but marred is your heart
with cheap bourgeoisie shame.
Told you, I am not a writer,
just a chronicler of human deeds.
Got no love,got no family
neither, friends did I ever need.

Have seen this world a lot many times,
heard its mirthful songs and its chimes
Have seen life's ironies in its glory,
have seen men die a death many times gory.

Still remember,the frail woman crying for her only sonny
Didnt forget either, men spilling red blood money
I am not a story writer,just a chronicler of human deeds.
I have got no soul to burn,nor any minds to feed.

This work by Soham Das is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

Meet this new member of PWB,Soham Das-

An Indian, hailing from East India, writes poems with strong hues of philosophical, emotional and life struggle aspects in his works. A VLSI engineer by profession, has interests in poetry, story writing, photography, electronics and culture. His work revolves in and around the daily lives of people in India and most particularly about his native state.


crimsonflaw said...

i just spent some minutes at his blog, and came away with eternity.

the introduction he has writtne on himself is beautiful ...truly .. deeply...

just came home tired and broken , would have liked to comment with the grace that is due and the truth that is essential.. instead all i found for this poet's wonderous words was this last labouring line..

RomanceWriter said...

Thank you, Crimsonflaw, for commenting. You truly undestand the concept behind this site. Much thanks for your contributions and help in making PWB work.

crimsonflaw said...

you are very welcome my friend and i am always honoured at being a part of this wonderful community. It inspires me and adds to my words a certain meaningfulness I deeply value.

but the plain and simple truth is that poetswhoblog was my friend Sara's idea and I stand by my friend every way.