Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Peek at Reluctant Scribe

I am proud to bring to your attention the work of the latest poet to be featured in our Introduction Series. Ario Farin's work can be found at Scribblings and Sketches.

I visited there because it is the latest blog to be added to our blogroll. While there I found the poetry displayed to be both stunning, for its simple beauty, and lush, for its depth and thoughtfulness.

Not only is the poem below a standout but also check out Tenderness and my personal favorite Sketch

Please make sure to stop by Scribblings and Sketches.
and support this poet and all poets who blog.

Your Blog Manager,

Sara from The Shores of My Dreams.

Stolen moment

She speaks of distance and regret
As if they are raspberries,
Chilled from the fridge,
Sweet and a bit fleshy.

She remembers, she forgets,
You were gone, I was thirsty.
The fall of her orange dress
Into the dark chocolate of her lap,

Hard and sharp.
She returns one, neatly squashed,
Between her index finger and thumb,
A shade and tang that lasts.

by Ario Farin


crimsonflaw said...

fascinating work, a very adept practitioner of a glorious yet dying art.
The metaphor and the unravelling thereof bespeaks careful attention to the craft.

Reluctant Scribe said...

Sara and Crimson Flaw, thank you so much for your nice words and encouragement!

Dream Catcher said...

splendid..superb work

Ario u r contemporary n magnificent writer..the beauty is so eloquent in each word..amazing..

*bow* to u

Quin said...

i do not write poetry, i can barely put words together for a sentence... i read the work here, and know i'll never find the talent to be a poet.

well done.

just, well... well done.

reluctant scribe said...

Wow. Dream Catcher and Quin.... Your comments pierced right through me. I feel humbled. Thank you...