Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Poetry Matters Now

Have you checked out Poetry Matters Now,online collection of readings and video interviews with poets.

Click here to visit their site.


Poets for Freedom said...

Let the Temples Fall

Neo-prophets , bellowing and self-proclaimed, are busy, busy, busy separating us from them, good from evil, building
impregnable walls, rigor mortising minds, poofing out
ridiculous fables while they count the $ $ $ $ $, nailing mankind to a medieval cross. Color-ribbed and upward ledged mountains have stood for centuries without names. Has naming them
multiplied their beauty or their meaning? Do we need saviors who save only certain people and condemn the rest?
Do we need to be saved? Saved from what? We are wards
of the earth, cousins of flowers, nieces and nephews
of trees, sons of the sun who thrive on silence not
scripture, on unnamed companions in the sea of life.
What part of the sea is you or me or catholic or muslim,
believes or doesn’t believe; can you nail water to a cross
or hold it in a five-pointed star? We are a drop of existence
and that is the is of it is so — we are inseparable from any
other portion of a timeless sea, an endless ocean.

The name that can be named is not the universal name.

Bob Finklbine

stopitus said...

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Poets for Freedom said...

We must rouse a peoples movement large enough to have an impact on
elections and how our "representatives" work. As matters
stand now we have lost the democratic form of government to the military-industrial-energy complex,
a new form of fascism more subtle than the Hitler and Stalin regimes.
If Palin says, "Obama is really an albino," mass media treats her claim as a real issue. Bob Finkbine

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Marc Breed said...

Marc Breed said...
Voodoo Stew

People are moving ever faster,
More spin scorches my eyes.
My value is in a state
Of constant flux,
Measured by the fleeting
Glances of women.
True solace remains
Deeply veiled.
I opt of Art,
A hearty cauldron of
Voodoo Stew.

Marc Breed
America’s Fetish Photographer

November 23, 2013 at 8:15 AM

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