Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Poetry Express

Anyone checked out Poetry Express? When I visited there were 60 members online at that particular moment. Seems to be a hopping site. Click here to visit them.


Susan Rich said...


I have a brand-spanking new blog - not even a week old. I've been blogging on places to submit work as well as the 90th birthday of Northwest poet, Madeline DeFrees. It feels a little lonely though as I have no idea how to let people know about my blog. You are on my list and I would love to be on yours with

Katt said...

Great blog. Hope you come and vist me. I have revamped my blog and focused purely on my writing. Thanks for a good site.

Zong Han said...
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Words(Poetically)Worth said...

I'm a new Blogger who writes rhyming poetry. I would love your comments on two poems I have posted on my site. Thank you.

S. Karlan said...

Hello everyone. Happy New Year! I created a blog to post some of my poems. I invite all to visit.

stopitus said...

just stop writing I dare you

Se7enth Thought said...

I guess Im in the same boat as everyone else here... haha I am a poet whos trying to get some of my material out by using these blogs, please check some of my poems out and tell me what you think and if you by any chance like what you see please spread the word

dgreetings said...

I am looking for some good mothers day poems

Robb said...
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asphara said...


I'm having my first lot of work published in a chapbook and magazines, so have just set up a blog. I'm really into more politically antagonistic, or emotionally engaging writing, and also social and cultural theory. I'd love my site to become interactive so any submissions'll be really welcome (you might be the first!)

Many thanks


Anonymous said...

Got faded amidst the statistics
the saga of struggle in blood
this badly it did cost
to hug the past draped in mud
The festive hours i know were there
a smile found home at a handful of faces

Every single step of yours makes you wobble
you too are willing to leave
imprints , worthy traces
Meetings,plans, annoncements,decisions
countless rocks and hazy reflections of truth

Each one of us hails Punjab,Kerela or Andhra here
But how many know "Aryavrata", this is what
we will ponder and we should.....
we will ponder and we should.....


for more such stuff,...

do visit and follow poetic heads...!

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

My blog, Muse, Verse n' You - is a poetry blog feeding on the emotions of the sea of humanity - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Comments from all of you are welcome!

Happy Day!

Poets United said...

If you are looking for an active poetry community with a lot to offer stop by and check out Poets United. Its a great place for poets that blog.

The_DRod said...

I have a new Poetry/Literary Blog titled, 'Mr.Manifesto".

Please visit the site on a regular basis. I promise you will enjoy the read.

Please leave a comment if you'd like.


KD said...

Cool link and nice blog! I've just now discovered it.


ChaMpaN..At HiS bEsT said...
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ChaMpaN..At HiS bEsT said...

The Outsider

There is strange and
beauteous darkness in the arbour.
Birds are warbling outside,
bees are murmuring.
I'm not musing anything today.
But they keep coming and
they are.

isn't it?

chandan kumar akella

ChaMpaN..At HiS bEsT said...
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Felicity said...


I've Been blogging for about three months now and update quite often. I'm a younge writter,but getting there. I would love any input and advise or comments! Come and visit, follow, message!

uma.a said...

Want to read interesting concepts on poetry?
Want to try different poetry forms?
Want a link exchange ?
This is the place.

Just visit once to know

Ifinder said...

Well. Great. Hail The WriterWoman. Now we are Fetching and Sharing water from the pond created by the Visioniers. Now we are shading and sharing under the trees once seeded by Practical Dreamers. Any more Words not sufficient for this. Thank You All and with Best Wishes.

Ifinder said...

P.s. Freelance Poets with Spiritual / Philosophical strings, wishing helping Reviews may post their lines, at this commenter's blog. With Best Wishes.

spliffy said...

Please visit Spliffy's Mindless Thoughts and Scribblings
(Dark Poetry and Short Stories)

A period is never an end, its the beginning of a line...

CC said...

@Spliffy,i also write dark poetry.

if anyone would like to check out my poetry please visit

BlueMom said...

This if gr8!!!
I am a new blogger.
Check out my blog.
Tell me what you think.

Rebecca T said...


Only recently decided to have a bash at this poetry blogging with lots of other people on here, I'd love to get some feedback and just basically try and get my poems seen...grateful for any comments and I'll be sure to have a read of yours in return...I love reading poetry as much as I enjoy writing it! =)


Anonymous said...

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Raman Goyal said...

i'm new to to blogspot..and i dont know much about how to advertise and make people aware about my blog..i would expect to have a helping hand from u.

Wings that have Eyes said...

It is so great to see so many young poets on this blog and their fab work..

If you do get time.. visit my blog at and let me know how i fare!

See you there.

Joel Steinhauer said...

I've been writing poetry for over 60 years and my take is that it tells a story either in 2or 4 4 line rhyme. everything else I consider to be prose . I post 2 new poems on my blog: every week 90% of them spiritual. From where I sit, The Lord must think I'm doing something right. In the 25 months that I've had the blog, I've had a few thousand his from 25 countries. Come take a look, youuncro won't be disappointed & I hope you even leave me a comment.

Joel Steinhauer said...


Simply AnnaBell said...

i am a new blogger
i write interesting and creative poems
which leave food for thought
so please click and follow my blog

annaaainafairytalee. said...

hey I am a new poetry blogger aching for some honest feedback on whether or not I am good enough to pursue poetry as a profession or not. Honest feedback is desperately wanted, no feelings will be hurt if you hate it, not if you give me a reason why. Here is the links to both my blogs, poetry and my book reviews, if you guys have time stop by.

Book Review Blog:

Personal/ Poetry Blog:

Himankar said...

I have just started to write poetry.
I could use some honest feedback and some suggestions.
All are invited to

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GuySwift said...

great blog. just started my very own poetry blog as well if you appreciate a good read you'll like it.

Anonymous said...

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billy said...

Here's another interesting poetry site...

GrawlixPoetry said...

If you haven't been to Grawlix Poetry yet, do that. New Issue is up, photography meets street art meets poetry... phot-street-etry!

KimWhiteGlenn said...

Wonderful blog and great resources. Poetry is one of my life-long lovers.
Hope you stop by my blog @




My page of Brazil:


Scott Benjamin said...

These poems remind me of a bird that just left its cage and is now happily fighting for bred crumbs in complete freedom!

I myself write short stories at this address....

Simply AnnaBell said...

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Susannah Gale said...

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Anonymous said...

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Quann The Don said...

please check out my blog i just started on my poetry i try to be very unique and express things in my point of view in which many can relate too

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Dustin Nielsen said...

There is a 6 year gap in my entries. Thanks for looking.

Ankita said...

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