Sunday, March 29, 2009

Second Annual Celebration of Words

Well its that time of year again. Time for National Poetry Month. Here at PWB we post a link to a new poem by one of our poets each day. If enough poets do not send me links I will link to poems I find enjoyable from the poets on our blogroll.

If you want a poem of your linked to then send:

a link
the name of your blog
your screen name
and a very short 1- 3 line bio to

Examples of bios:

Sara has been blogging her poetry at The Shores of My Dreams for the last few years. She is the founder of Brand New Aspiring Writers and Poets Who Blog.


Chicago born poet Writer Woman shares pieces of her soul at The Shores of My Dreams. She currently is blogging a poem a day in April.


Javier Gomez is published in The Valparisio Poetry Review. His work can be found at The Memoir of a Starved Artist.


Starving Poet lives in San Antonio with his two kids and three cats. You can find him hiding from his love ones down at the local coffee shop as he tries to pen a few verses. Read more of his work by visiting The Memoir of a Starved Artist.

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