Monday, July 21, 2008

PWB Another Business Post

As you probably noticed the blogroll changed earlier this month.

Please double check the blogroll and make sure :

that your blog is still on there
that the title is spelled right and is the title you want
that the link works.

I can't check them all cause it takes too long.

I am still working on moving more poems down to the Poetry and Life section and I am thinking of moving dormant blogs (that have not been updated in six months or that went private) to the Supporters of PWB section. I really want people who click on the Poetry Blog section to find sites that have new poems on them. It really seems like false advertising to me otherwise and it makes the blogroll less useful, I would think. But its taking me a while to get it organized the way I want.

One good change about updating to the newer version of Blogger is that I've been loving using the Featured Blogs Today section. Have you clicked on any of those blogs? Its fun to feature different ones but I'm not doing it for the thrill of clicking and pasting those links in every day or two, so I'll only keep going if it actually brings new readers to those sites. Let me know.


Your Blog Manager,



Jenn: said...

I had not noticed the featured blog until now. Great feature. I will check on them from now on.

Just someone said...

Did notice the featured blog, nice! Also, checked my link - it works and is the right one!

Thank you for all your efforts,

Anonymous said...

Love the new feature.

One niggling detail - could you make "Monkeyboy" all one word, please? Otherwise it's perfect.

Robin said...

Mine works too - Robin of Big Window. and thanks!

paisley said...

i keep on forgetting to mention that when i changed my URL.. my link got messed up it should be, ((

right now it says just paisley... and links to...why paisley???

writerwoman said...

Is it fixed now? Or no? Let me know and I'll correct it, if I haven't got it right yet.



Wordcrafter said...

Hello Sara, great job you are doing here. Also the featured blog of the day is a wonderful idea. My blog was here but cannot see it listed now
(Not sure you remember this, but the link to PWB is my "home page"
which is different URL

Use either link. Thanks

Wordcrafter said...

Sara, re my previous comment: ignore reference to link -I am there! but had been looking for Poetry for a Night Owl, whereas you have me as Wordcrafter, which is fine too.