Monday, June 15, 2009

Father's Day Poems

Leave links to any father day themed poems you'd like to share with our readers. Or post the poem in the comments.


Richie said...

Me Old man done what ee ad to:
"Goan ged oud of it!
You aint avin none of us. Shove
Your bloody lootwoofer
We aint givvin yer nuffin.
Up yours Adolph!
Watch out Gerry: Tommies commin"
Ninety odd now. Still game but
He likes the Germans now.

SalsaBilly said...

Karen said...

My tribute to my father is called "Right Angles"

I've linked it to the bottom of this. Thanks for the opportunity to share it.

pam said...

Father’s Day

Some days we try hard to remember your voice,
Some days we try to picture your face,
The sadness floods and tears flow too fast,
Reality sets in, now your part of our past.

Your presence we feel, your Spirit is alive and well,
Feeling your love, we’re perpetually under your spell.

Today is Father’s Day and even though,
we can’t physically see you or show you our love,
Please accept our affection and devotion,
As we reach up to heaven above.

You’re still our Dad, that will never change,
There will never be another, no one could ever make that claim.
We miss you daily and are trying our very best, to take one day at a time,
Just remembering you, forever we’re blessed.

Father’s Day is here, we miss you so,
So many years of trying to find the perfect gift,
never good enough I’d search in vain.
But you had everything, you would say.

Your chair is empty, no longer do you make it rock,
There’s no running to help your through another day.
No reason to buy you that one special card,
Father’s Day is here, but you are not.

In memory of my dad, Bob Cooke who passed away on April 22,2009.

Greetings said...

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sarah flanigan said...

for my father who passed away 15 years ago:


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Craig said...

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Meowchies Hideout said...

Awesome fathers day poems! Will sure send any of these <3

Thomas Dickinson said...

I love poetry. And since father's day is coming, I thought that I should gather and browse for some fathers day poems that can serve as my inspiration. They're good for cards too. Thanks for sharing some ideas. Happy Father's Day!