Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hello everyone.

The Blog Rodeo is underway at Aspiring Romance Writer.

Check it out and drop me a note if you enjoy your time at the Rodeo.


Soham said...

Hi Sara...what is Blog Rodeo?
The Soul and The Witness

writerwoman said...

Its just like a blog carnival. Different bloggers send in their submission based on the criteria in the post ( the theme this time is blogging in general). Then I post all the links and readers go and check out what was submitted.

Head here to see an example of the last poetry carnival I did

Soham said...

Thanks Sara..that was indeed helpful...So this time's theme is blogging as an experience or poetry which was blogged.

The Soul and the Witness

writerwoman said...

It can be about why you blog or what you have gotten out of blogging. Or it can be a blog post that is particulary special to you.

If it is a poem that you blogged that is special in some way to you then just add a little note saying why it is special to the post.

Then send me the post URL, if you want to be included.