Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shout out your favorite PWB

Lets spread the love. Who is your favorite online poet who blogs that is listed on our blogroll?

All I ask is that you don't name me ( though I would love if any of you stop by and read my work.) Share your thoughts on your fellow bloggers. Lets all takes some time to visit each others sites this week.

Your blog manager,

Sara from

The Shores of my Dreams


crimsonflaw said...

memory never serves me right. but the following artists , mentioned in no particular order , are a source of inspiration.

rax, unguarded utterance, reluctant scribe, square traveller, ischelle, sara, susan abraham, kilroy 60 ( yes he is a poet ) , aisha ansari for her ghazal on cinnamon, seraphic girl for her sometimes strange poetry, dba lehanne and

Memory for her vain disregard to her job description....

ren.kat said...

I have a lot of favorite poets who blog- but not on your list. Some published by prestigious houses, some not. A Doggy's Life could be added to your list?

reluctant scribe said...

crimsonflaw is an inspiration every time i visit him and unguarded utterance is another one i recently came across who always touches me deeply. i miss the lettershaper, although just going through the archives there is always a bit of a treasure hunt.

and of course yourself, dear sara, though i think you should post more ;)

this is a great idea, it reminds me i ought to click through that rich blogroll you have here.

Lisa said...

I'm still fairly new here so I haven't had a chance yet to check out many of the poetry sites listed on your blog but so far I have really enjoyed reading the works of:

Rax's Afterglow & Soul Phantasm sites, CrimsonFlaw, Square Traveler, Rob's Image & Verse, Tiel's Knocking From Inside and yours Sara.

I really appreciate how dedicated you are Sara to promoting the work of everyone on the list - it's really appreciated.

DayDreamer said...

It's hard to pick favorites when everyone writes so well. I enjoy them all.

miles away said...

i like a random click on the blogroll list now and then...everyone has their own unique style, and own unique subjects, but (as i'm rather new!) the few that I have read are wonderful - and this site is a lovely idea, Sara!

Keep up the good work!

HouseMouse said...

My favorite is Average Poet. His extensive use of the English language to make everyday life sound exotic fascinates me. His brevity is also quite impressive. His archives hold some very impressive works!