Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Talk Poetry Thursday

Are you taking part in Poetry Thursday this week? Did you last week? Or ever?

Talk about what you wrote, what you read, what was the best prompt you saw there.

This week the totally optional idea is a conversation poem. Who is brave enough to try that one?

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Markbnj said...

A favor:
Not a humorous post:

The White house slipped a sneaky one on the US 2 weeks ago
Look HERE for original Press release:

Apparently, we are no longer in a democracy.

Check out MY blog for the scariest news story of this decade.

Essentially, it discusses the white house's new policy ALLOWING a
co-ordinator of national policy, in case of "emergency"

IT also Supercedes the ORIGINAL three part government, and will
allow this "dictator" to do whatever HE wants in both GOVERNMENT and
the Private sector.

Thank you for bearing with me in this boring, post, but the MORE people
(please send it to EVERYONE that you know, and EVERY editor/news person
you can think of...)

The Scariest thing is that there has been NOT even ONE story ANYWHERE on the web, besides on BLOGS

Search for NSPD 51 (the National Security Presidential Directive) order.

Very scary.
Thanks for reading, and forwarding this to the WORLD!
(and to your senator/representative in washington!)

Markb in NJ
(until the THOUGHT police pick me up!)