Saturday, May 02, 2009

Jigsaw Poem 2 for May

2009: a Gleam of Hope

New Year's Day: seven a.m.
The warden trudged
through fresh snow
to tend a lone creature
of the night. Warm water
and glucose drip-
dripped from the syringe:
the owl allowed herself
to rehydrate, forgetting
her injured wing
and broken pride.
At nine, over a belated
breakfast of a bite
of toast, the warden
smiled. His bird
had made it: the word
'Fantastic!' swooped
from his lips, scattering
crumbs to the ends
of the earth.

© Caroline Gill 2009
from Caroline at the Coastcard.


Anonymous said...

this is very nice, I love it - the owl the crumbs - hope in a new day

delhidreams said...

yeah hope in a new year, hope for mother earth, and all its children (and not only humans) it, so much

Caroline Gill said...

Thank you, soulintention and adee for your very kind comments.

janetleigh said...

Very nice, Coastcard..(love your handle!).. love how smooth the sound of /owl allowed/. Hope springs eternal..:)

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