Monday, July 30, 2007

Billy, Bob and Me

Billy the Blogging Poet has posted the latest addition of the Ringing of the Bards. He kicks it off with a poem by Bob Church and then shares links to the poets who submitted.

Check it out at Musecrafters

Everybody Loves a Carnival

This week The Ringing of the Bards will be hosted by Rax at Soul's Phantasm.
Head on over to her blog for all the details.

Its a great chance to have your poetry blog linked to and to have new readers be able to enjoy a sample of your work.

To volunteer to host a carnival go see Billy, a tireless promoter of online poetry, the blogging poet.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Group Poem

Add your words to this poem, as many as you want. I will link to you in this post.

The King by PWB poets

The fallen King he spoke of war
casting from his bloody hands
all blame

eternity watched him from its perch
amused at his follies
ticking for his thirst
his was a vampire's abandon
they found him lapping up a river of blood
a river that led him all the way to hell
and now he burns there peacefully

or so it seems;
the king of
ungratified thirst-
who knew?
that he would
drench in pain
a soldier in misery,
queue of gloom-
and he would stand first?
wither and pine-
for a hand
from sorrow's land?

Yet the mettle blinks its eyes
the land being fathomed by breath of vies
The melting pot with prying veil
inherited in armor with hearts forged with steel
far distant the drums of morning dirge,an octave of mirth
though sounds of enemy fills him with earth
the quenched soul gasps and exclaim in lust...

lines 1-3 come from Sara at The Shores of My Dreams

Lines 4-10 come from Shakir at Crimsonflaw

Lines 11-23 come from Poison Coated Elixir at Seraphic Girl

Lines 24-30 come from Dream Catcher at The Augmented Reality

Monday, July 23, 2007

Peek at Soham Das

The next poet kind enough to take part in our Introduction Series is Soham Das.

The poem below is but taste of what you will find at The Soul and The Witness. Please drop by there and dive deeper into this poet's lovely and lyrical work.

The Chronicler

I am not a story writer…
I am a chronicler of human deeds…
Got no soul to burn,
nor any minds to feed
I see pain as you should see them,
but marred is your heart
with cheap bourgeoisie shame.
Told you, I am not a writer,
just a chronicler of human deeds.
Got no love,got no family
neither, friends did I ever need.

Have seen this world a lot many times,
heard its mirthful songs and its chimes
Have seen life's ironies in its glory,
have seen men die a death many times gory.

Still remember,the frail woman crying for her only sonny
Didnt forget either, men spilling red blood money
I am not a story writer,just a chronicler of human deeds.
I have got no soul to burn,nor any minds to feed.

This work by Soham Das is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

Meet this new member of PWB,Soham Das-

An Indian, hailing from East India, writes poems with strong hues of philosophical, emotional and life struggle aspects in his works. A VLSI engineer by profession, has interests in poetry, story writing, photography, electronics and culture. His work revolves in and around the daily lives of people in India and most particularly about his native state.

Friday, July 20, 2007

I would love it if you could swing by and check out The Carnival of Beauty at Fallen Words.

Remember its important to the art we love to support all poets who blog!

Your manager,

One of our poets, Rax, has been hard at work crafting a compliation poem.

She weaves together her own words with that of other poets to create a unique poem that is wonderous in its own right, and only more so when you follow her breadcrumbs to the sites of the poems she mentions within it.

Gaze into her scrying glass at Soul's Phantasm

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Carnival Comes to Fallen Words

Hello poets,

This week I am hosting The Ringing of the Bards Poetry Carnival at my writer's group blog.

Swing on by Fallen Words and check out all the details.

Looking forward to reading all the amazing poetry submitted. Support all poets who blog and spread the word about this carnival.


Your Blog Manager,


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Peek at Reluctant Scribe

I am proud to bring to your attention the work of the latest poet to be featured in our Introduction Series. Ario Farin's work can be found at Scribblings and Sketches.

I visited there because it is the latest blog to be added to our blogroll. While there I found the poetry displayed to be both stunning, for its simple beauty, and lush, for its depth and thoughtfulness.

Not only is the poem below a standout but also check out Tenderness and my personal favorite Sketch

Please make sure to stop by Scribblings and Sketches.
and support this poet and all poets who blog.

Your Blog Manager,

Sara from The Shores of My Dreams.

Stolen moment

She speaks of distance and regret
As if they are raspberries,
Chilled from the fridge,
Sweet and a bit fleshy.

She remembers, she forgets,
You were gone, I was thirsty.
The fall of her orange dress
Into the dark chocolate of her lap,

Hard and sharp.
She returns one, neatly squashed,
Between her index finger and thumb,
A shade and tang that lasts.

by Ario Farin

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Ringing of the Bards Poetry Carnival is being hosted this week at Knocking From Inside

You can leave a permalink here

or email the link to your poem to

Make sure you mention the name of your blog, the name of your poem, and your screenname.

Any poem can be submitted to be included but there will be a special section that has the theme Freedom.

The Carnival goes live on July 14th. Get your submissions in right away.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lend me a Line

It's group poem time again. Each one so far has turned out amazingly unique. Here's a line to start with:

She stands, still as silence,
the tip of her tongue
is at last the debris
in her unsculpted substance.

Her eyes look restlessly
at the sun's setting brilliance.

The breath is a lie
causing muted violence,
breaching silences that should never have
lasted beyond the first whispered prayer-

a semaphore of heart as to be perceived,
the drop of tear her eye conceived

First line by Sara

Lines 2, 3, 4 by Crimsonflaw

Lines 5 and 6 by Lioness.

Lines 7 and 8 by Dream Catcher

Lines 9 and 10 by Deb

Lines 11 and 12 by Dream Catcher

Thanks, poets, for heloing to shape this piece. I love when members of our blogroll jump in to make this site a better place. Remember this blog belongs to the poets linked here, not me alone, so if you have any ideas for posts let me know.

Your Blog Manager,
Sara from The Shores of My Dreams

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's a Love Carnival

Deb is hosting a blog carnival this week. Here are the details in her own words:

The Ringing of the Bards Carnival returns to Girls Want Porn this weekend, and I’m in the mood for LOVE POEMS. I don’t care if it’s Blissful Love, Happily Ever After Love, Unrequited Love, Lost Love, Family Love, Brotherly Love or Love for All - I’ll take any and all poems about Love for this week’s carnival.

Just email deb AT chameleonsdream DOT com by Saturday July 7 with:

1. The name and URL of your blog
2. Your name (however you want it to appear)
3. The name of your poem
4. The URL to your poem
5. Finish the line: “Love Is _______________________” however you want, as long as it’s no more than 5 words.

I hope that you'll be submitting at least one poem - you have some beautiful love poems up!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Meet Brian

This poet from our blogroll posts at Brief Poems

Using brevity he constructs poems that grab you by the throat and leave you thinking. It amazes me that he can convey so much with so few words.

A standout poem on his site that really spoke to me was Modern Medecine. In two verses he draws a sharp focus onto the struggle of everyday living.

Stop by, read his work, and let him know your thoughts. Support this poet and all poets who blog.

Your Blog Manager,

Sara from The Shores of My Dreams

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Peek at Fenny

The next poet to be highlighted in our Introduction Series is Fenny. Her site uses art and words to both inspire and evoke emotions deep within readers. Her poems have an honesty that I find quite poignant.

Read more of this poet's work at

Fenny's Bla Bla Blog

Two glass chambers filled
with tiny grains of
sand trickling
from one
into the other
quietly and steady
another obsolete hour away

©2006 Fenny