Friday, June 29, 2007

Find Your Muse

I happened to be reading Deb's blog today and noticed she has a great feature where she gives suggestions for first lines you could use in a poem.

Are you in need of some inspiration? Head on over to Find My Muse

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Want to find my readers for your blog?

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Peek at Beloved Dreamer

The third poet to be highlighted in our Introduction Series is Beloved Dreamer

When not writing poetry she also draws a variety of subjects- Nature, Landscapes and People. Her poems take the images she sees and makes them into word pictures. She attended The High School of Music and Art, The Art Students League and graduated with a BFA from St John's University.

The Worn Stone

Fresh flowers lay before a worn gray stone
lilacs, I knew that you had loved them once long ago.
And ivy too had gently told of times passing,
slowly covering the grayness.
The name and the date you left us.

I plan every spring to bring them again.
And in their sweet,sweet smell
I see your haunting smile.

Colors of brilliant purple and pink come back again each spring.
And make his silent home a happy place

We once joyfully picked them together.
Fragrant delicate flowers to grace our hair.
But that was before the snows of winter took you else where.

So with each spring, I try to bring you back.
To once more hold you close and see this cold world though your gentle gray eyes.

Thanks to Beloved Dreamer for sharing her work and for making PWB a better site.

If you would like to be featured at PWB send a poem to with the subject line PWB.

Friday, June 22, 2007


In the latest email from Writer's Market I read about a new poetry newsletter that will debut June 29th and go out bi-weekly after that.

Poet's Market is edited by Nancy Breen and will include advice from editors and publishers.

To sign up, go to Poet's Market

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Group Poem 4

Add one to three lines to this poem. I will link to you in this post and note what part you contributed.

Slither by PWB poets

Darting through dark shadows

it came swift and silent
true of purpose, sad of intent,
a lost river looking for a dark island.

Mouth calling out through the rushes,
breath catching through the stones,
chasing and branching out, fingers reaching

out for some badboy scheme,
a blessed,holy prayer.

With a sigh, it paused
and gently sniffed the night air,
then quietly slithered on

cold and satin
turning in upon itself
easing on, uncaring.

Looking for a victim;
Trying to sense it's dinner. ...

Proceed with care,
or it may be


First line by Sara

Lines 2, 3, 4 by Crimsonflaw

Lines 5, 6, 7, by Rax

Lines 8 and 9 by Kim

Lines 10, 11, 12 by Lioness

Lines 13, 14, 15 by Rob Kistner

Lines 16 and 17 by markbnj

Lines 17, 18, and 19 by Kilroy

Thanks to all the poets who contributed to this piece!

Your Blog Manager,


Monday, June 18, 2007

Send me a poem

Submit a poem to and I will post it on here and link back to your blog. ( This poem does not have to be previously unpublished but must be your sole work alone.)

I encourage all the poets and readers who drop in here to stop in the featured poets blog and read more of that person's work.

Thanks for helping to make Poets Who Blog a wonderful meeting place for all online poets.

Your Blog Manager,


A Peek at Rob Kistner


relentless whirr
cycled pulse drones

coarse whisper from above
promises relief

in vain

blades disturb page edges
at rest before me

in irregular rustle they taunt




no burden of remorse
no weight of mystery do they bear

no sting of anger
no wink of mirth
with which to be dispatched

no coin of phrase to spend

dissonance spills through the open window
the buzz, chirr, and leggy rasp
muffled keens, distant yelps

the edgy din of crawling, prowling night

intrudes in damp insistence
to fill my head
and leave not one small space
for wit or insight

all in vain

there is no relief

nothing clever
or profound in the air this night

hot, sticky, thick


rob kistner © 2007

The second poet to be featured in our Introduction Series posts his work at Image and Verse.

Rob was gracious enough to share with the readers of Poets Who Blog some background information about himself and his site:

ABOUT ME: I am a writer, poet, artist, singer, song lyricist, and contemporary furniture designer. You can see examples of my creations throughout my blog.

At 60 years old, I'm lucky to live an adventurous life. Went to three different colleges in the 1960's, furthering my education at the "university of the road" cross country on motorcycles, then in traveling R&B and Rock & Roll bands for quite a few years.

I was fortunate to have been one of the country's first home theater architects, having evolved from designing and installing custom residential audio systems in the mid 1970's.

I was a member of George Lucas's Lucasfilm LTD, THX Division. What a great time! It was a blast having an office on Skywalker Ranch being surrounded by, and encountering daily, remarkably creative individuals.

I have now settled into the Pacific Northwest. I am thrilled to spend available time exploring this magnificent part of the world, while doing my best to be a loving husband and father.

ABOUT IMAGE & VERSE: This blog celebrates “creativity”. It features samplings of my writing, artwork, photography, and furniture designs — as well as rants and musings regarding creativity, and the general ebb and flow of life as I see it.

There is also a selection of recorded, “spoken word” versions of some of my poems.

I have included as well, some contemporary craft pieces which my wife Kathy and I co-created.

There is an assortment of links to other sites I find of interest.

I hope to share and communicate with a broad spectrum of individuals. This includes other writers and artists, whether full time, or with casual avocations – and with anyone who simply enjoys creativity.

I intend to develop the features and capabilities of this blog as it unfolds. The “spoken word” pieces are the most recent creative addition to the site.

There is a survey on creativity located on the blog. I graciously invite you to participate. Your opinions are most welcome and appreciated.

Thanks to Rob for taking part and helping to making Poets Who Blog a successful endeavor. The goal of this site is to direct readers to poetry blogs where they might find work that speaks to their soul. If you would like to be the next poet featured in our Introduction Series send a poem, links, and bio to

Your Blog Manager,


Friday, June 15, 2007

Father Day Poems

Have you written a poem about your father? If you would like to share it leave a link in the comments section and I will link to your poem in this post.

I would like to direct your attention first to a poem by Rax, a talented poet who I read often. She posts at her blog, Soul Phantasm.

Maps by Rax

Father and Father Revisited - Your Day. By Daydreamer

What Daddy Did by Sara ** Warning- adult themes and unhappy subject manner**

My Taveling Dad by Sorceress

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ringing of the Bards

Billy is always looking for more bloggers to host poetry carnivals. For details about how to sign up check out this site

Hosting the carnival this week is one of the poets listed in our blog list, the talented Tiel Aisha Ansari from Knocking From Inside Find info on how to submit on her site.

Contest News

Mad Kane is running another Limerick contest. The deadline is June 27, 2007 so you have some time to craft a winning entry. Read all the details at her humor blog.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Peek at Crimsonflaw

This is the first poet featured in our new Introduction Series.


truth can not hurt me
the sin has become vague now
and the tale obscure
doubts have left temptation
as would silence a beating heart
the idle state has left its mark on me
mid air infects my wings with its nothingness
the glide holds open a door to my weightlessness
sometimes I think the ledge is a wafer
and what I am holding on to just a notion of a facade
to keep the inner darkness in place
the fall is a gift of nuance
my cramps are scavengers to
my imperceptible shiver
my stillness ties my contorted face
into highways of unutterable gloom
and my countenance tethers itself to the crevice
with a secret wrinkle
rain dies to become my blood
snow softens a mystery for me
my heart is staired somewhere in
this anonymous structure
and the footsteps fall ever so nearer
I am a lie....

copyright shakir hasnain

Posted by crimsonflaw

To read more by this poet go to

Doktor Lapse Eternus

Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Poets

Welcome to the latest poets to join our blogroll:
Freedom Melodies
Reality Bytes
On The Cork.

If you link here but I haven't linked back that can only be for one reason, that I am unaware you linked to Poets Who Blog. I hope you enjoy reading the work of the poets who link here and that you let them know by leaving them a comment.

I support all poets who blog, do you?

Your Blog Manager,


The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes. - André Gide

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Group Poem 3

Add two lines to the following poem. I will link to your blog, in this post, to give you credit for the line.


Footfalls brush across a hardwood floor.
She drags her regrets with her toward the door.

Do you feel it slip away now
sacrificial liqour of her tears?

Sadly falls her broom, splintered,
her familiar dies alone by the fire, wintered.

But shows must go on, some rise and some fall.
She bravely gets up to face curtain call.

Crossing thresholds, she's afraid no more.

She discards the baggage that she called 'before'.

First two lines by Sara from The Shores of My Dreams
Second two lines by McDishy from On the Cork
Third set of lines by Crimsonflaw from Mortarbled
Fourth set of lines by Rax from Soul Phantasm
Fifth set of lines by Daydreamer from Reality Bytes

Read the first group poem here and the second group poem here