Thursday, May 15, 2008

Poets For Equality and Justice

Today Poets Who Blog will join with other bloggers across the blogosphere and stand up for the human rights of all citizens in this world. I send out a huge thank you to every poet who contributed work to this project! Please leave a comment if you find any poem you enjoy. Support PWB and Bloggers Unite, the site that is bringing together bloggers for this cause, with your comments.

Untitled by Noor Fatima

My mind boggles me,
As I sit and stare at my computer,
Reading page after page,
Atrocity after atrocity.
Female genital mutilation,
Online freedom gobal act of 2007,
Tibetan monks,
Genocide in Darfur,
Palestine & Israel,
Afghanistan and its¢ innocent people,
hidden terrorist that hide in the mountains,
Osama, Al-Qadia, Hasrats, Islamic Fundalmentalists,
Marring the name of Islam,
Priests molesting children,
Teachers seducing pure-like children,
Gang violence,
Peer pressure.
I'm sure you can add to the list.
Women's rights,
Raping in war,
A plethora more to add.
So where has the human conscious gone?
The idea that people are equal.
No room for the oppressor and the suppressed.
There is not much room for wishful thinking,
For fairy dust to free our pain.
Duration of pain that we suffer as victims,
Can not be infinite.
Actions must be taken,
sacrifices made for the human race,
Voices must be belligerently spoken with compassion.
We must stand up and take arms in words and pen and paper

The Naked Truth by Adeleke Adesanya from Kiibaati Verse

She sat on the bare floor
On her rear which had craw-craw
And on her back we could track
The sore map of the strap
We should ask a thousand why
Instead we timidly try
Her case, declare her suspect
Deserving non of our respect
And we looked away
Still Truth can't be wished away
It was shocking, mocking
Our thoughts of our worth
For though she was
Naked like the Truth,
She was still Another Man.

First the Bad News by Scot from Be Not Inhospitable to Strangers

in eastern bagdad
an U.S. airstrike
three iraqi boys
looking through trash
for something
to sell

it is global day
in darfur
bodies pile up


the torch
passed through
the Sudan
a genocide Olympic flame
will burn in China
celebrities will protest
on CNN
another year
will pass

Someone Else's Crime by Anna Vera Williams from Free Verse

I will grow tomatoes
When you've set me free.
I will live at home in peace
Where all will let me be.

I will wake up cheerful
In the morning to the sun.
I will feel at peace at last,
Once my Freedom's won.

I have been imprisoned here
For someone else's crime.
I have lived my life in fear,
And I have done my time.

All I want, is to feel safe -
Relaxed and calm and free.
I have been good, to fellow men.
Why aren't they good to me?

I try to keep my head up high,
Imagining the day
When I will be allowed to fly,
When I will go away,

And wrap myself in someone's arms
Who knows me as I am.
I try to think about that day,
As hard as try I can ...

I will wake up smiling,
In the morning sun.
I will kiss the one I love, and
Once this battle's done ...

I will grow tomatoes in
My garden in the grass,
And tie my hair behind my head ...
And when this storm has passed,

I will sit up late at night
With cats and cups of tea,
I will live no more in fright
Once I've been set free.

I only want this misery
And fear and pain to end.
I only want a life at peace
Surrounded by my friends.

But that will be another day.
Today I must remain
Within the madness of this place
In fear and hope and pain,

But always I hold up my head,
Imagining the day
When I will be allowed to go,
When I will fly away ...

Not now. It isn't over yet
I must sit out my time,
As I have done, for all these years,
For someone else's crime.

Shells by Juliet Wilson from Over Forty Shades

Grey skies, cold and bitter wind
a share of a damp mattress
in an unheated room.

You follow orders from the brother
to the man who let your cousin die
in a truck approaching Dover.

Your parents wait back home
with nothing but pain and a photo of you
smiling through the English rain.

Shells held to your ear
murmured promises, but they are empty
here in devil’s beach.

Treacherous sands shift
impossible to know where is safe
where will suck away your life.

and by the way written by Ralph Murre from the blog Arem Arvinson.

i do not choose

to pledge allegiance

to black divided from white

red states from blues

shades of brown


in every town

one nation, all too divisible

baptist divided from catholic

gentile from jew

muslim from buddhist

me from you

one nation, under whose god ?

white collars

washed separately from

blue collars

in an oh, so

delicate cycle

while collarless slaves

dig their own graves

trying to get to the

one nation, invisible

once they’re here

there’s plenty to fear

some living large

others quite small

i’ll pledge allegiance

when there’s justice for all

- Ralph Murre 2004

"Declaration of Ignorance which forgot its purpose" by Wedlock from Word of Mouth Coalition

I can recite the Budweiser anthem without thinking twice,
even the ounces and the fast horse track style narrator ending,
some can recite bible verses from king james,new student bibles,
no ignorance or undying faith is held in Budweiser,
(surely a different retaliation,)

some take king james with a grain of salt,
others absolute,
yes sir,
yes sir,
i take my Budweiser anthem as it lay,
on its side,
barely more than a drip escaping curved brown lip,
holding value in understanding that much is to be learned here
as blood coagulates tightly loose with ethanol,

pondering over maps of religions on world scales,
red muslim,
blue hindu,
yellow prodestant,
green catholic,
cross lines,
angry blood shouting popes,
red like oil based paint smeared over blistered hands,

not that some are better,
some are worse,
but the objective demi-god, never questioning population,
generalized statement may it be,
lies rampant in faith,
pouring silver web lining, reveling in
such stringent liquid

a man turns to me paper bag hair and glassy
lined brow:
"Budweiser is the way the truth and the light no other alcoholic hoppy
bevarage may be drunken,
we must feed our children beer, daily, classes begin"

but, no!
it must be vodka, scream the Stoliites.

questioning, probing short term memory loss mind through ages upon ages
of persecution,
Native American
alcoholic in silver rusted rocking chairs beside dog shit stained
mobile homes,
i would be sitting right beside him, or her.
if white protestant tight lipped puritans killed all green buds, gentle
uncontrollable streams, magnificent hairy buffalo,

we, the "caucasian" we're sorry,
how about a casino?
no taxes. c'mon, is that not better?
oh, yea, hand me one of those Budweisers,
sit down for a second,
let the carbonated bubbles linger on pink tongue,
feel shame ancestors never feel,
feel shame we never feel with king sized sea beds,
racing watt amplifier,

so easy,
but i, you, he, she will forget in unsubstantial tomorrow,
plus you have the bible to read,
and I have a beer to drink,

A Cry for Cuba by Sara Pufahl from The Shores of My Dreams

Cast your eyes upon the man
being drug out of sight.

Blood drips from the wrist
of this man,
who is not treated as a man but as
a problem- a dissident voice that must be silenced-

in a country where the only right is to
be quiet,
complacent and satisfied
with the nothing promises made
by the kings in charge.

Is it any wonder
why the man
would rather bleed than stand by
watching his life slide by in this land
without hope?

For in time
all people
who are held down-
their lives bound tight like straightjackets
around their necks-
will rise.

They will rise and shout for more!
And they will bleed and bleed and bleed
the kings will fall.

Will you rise and shout for more?
Could you bleed and bleed and bleed
to make the king fall?

Is the time today?
If not today....then when?

Revolution starts with one voice crying out in the dark for justice.
Be that voice.
Be the revolution.

Bloggers Unite


Anonymous said...

Here's my poem for bloggers unite for human rights day:

Freedom of speech - a poem for Bloggers Unite for Human Rights day

I chose to write it in the form of a triolet, which has to be one of the most constraining forms! But it seemed rather appropriate in a strange way...

writerwoman said...

Lirone, thanks for leaving the link!

Anna- Loved your poem! It had a gentle strength to the narrator’s voice.

Noor Fatima- This line really made resonated with me
So where has the human conscious gone?

So many times when I watch the news I think that. I think we all need to step up and do what’s right instead of what is easy, in our own personal lives and globally. Then we have a chance to turn the tide in this crazy world. The last line of your poem really shook with intensity! Wow.

Adeleke Adesanya - These couple of lines were really strong imagery:

And on her back we could track
The sore map of the strap

I shiver just picture that and the suffering she endured.

Scot - The images flash like a newsreel as I read your poem. And the ending really hits like a bat, urging me to do something. Good job with making a poem that is also a call to action for all of us to not just watch the madness but to change it somehow.

Wedlock - I enjoyed this line most for its vivid imagery
red like oil based paint smeared over blistered hands

Ralph Murre - your poem took me right back to the day of an election in the past when I was very disenchanted with this country. That was the day I was so frustrated I made myself sick. That same can of pulsating rage flows through your poem, in my opinion. It screams for change!

Juliet Wilson - My favorite part in your poem is
Shells held to your ear
murmured promises, but they are empty
here in devil’s beach.

I like the lyrical quality in that stanza.

Thank you all for sharing your words with PWB.

Jade said...

First the Bad News, by Scot,
is frighting and true - the
writing scary-excellent.

Shells, by J. Wilson,
puts me inside the solider,
the horror and loneliness.

A Cry for Cuba, Sara
is for me a call to action,
to tangible caring. she writes
the pain without preamble.

White Rose said...

I really enjoyed all of these!

Noor Fatima

I really felt the overwhelming of all the violence and injustice in the world. I often feel like that! It makes me just want to shout What is wrong with people?

Ralph Murre

I have been feeling like this for years. How can we address other countries human rights issues when ours are slowly being bled every day?

Great work everyone!

Nathan said...

These are all powerful works on difficult subjects. Juliet Wilson's image of the shell is masterful especially when you think that the shell's sound is an echo of the listener's blood.
The word of Mouth Coalition's mix of indignation and resignation is a great way to issue a call to action. I love the line "Not that some are better,/some are worse".

Anonymous said...

So many times when I watch the news I think that. I think we all need to step up and do what’s right instead of what is easy, in our own personal lives and globally. Then we have a chance to turn the tide in this crazy world. The last line of your poem really shook with intensity! Wow.